I’ve Moved!

Exciting news everyone – I went and bought my domain name and I’ve moved my blog over there. From now on, I’ll be posting on curiousmeredith.com instead of this site which is curiousmeredith.wordpress.com.

I finally decided to take the plunge for a couple of reasons:
1. I wanted to have more creative control over the design and presentation.
2. I’ve wanted to learn more about web design and try my hand at it.
3. Having my own .com address looks more professional.
4. I’m aiming to take my travel and food blog and turn it into a small freelance business.

Thank you to all of my wordpress.com followers and email subscribers please come and check out my new site! Since I won’t be updating this site anymore, any readers who wish to keep up with my travel meanderings will have to re-subscribe for posts to be delivered to their email from my new website. I’ve made this easy and placed the Email Subscription form at the top right-hand corner.

Looking forward to your visit at the new & improved curiousmeredith!


Disillusioned with Development?

This past weekend, I finished reading “Fatboy and the Dancing Ladies” and ended up grappling with the dynamics within development as a career and as a discipline (you can read the review of the book in my “Cozy Nook of Books” page). I ended up having a few great conversations with Jessica, who is an experienced expat of sub-Saharan Africa, about development and what personality traits it takes to be personally and professionally satisfied pursuing a career in aid/development. She forwarded this article to me and this is largely what our conversation entailed. I can’t say that I identify with the ‘profile’ of the aid expat, but I have experienced some similar attitudes towards adventure and ‘expanding my horizons’. I don’t think that this is a bad thing either, but my thoughts about development are in the process of being seriously rethought. Hopefully things will be a bit more clear after my time in Kenya, in the meantime I will enjoy exploring the intricacies of aid in East Africa.

This is the article that addresses what I discovered for myself this weekend. Sorry you have to copy and paste it. I can’t get my links to work 😦 Not blog literate yet…


My Kenyan Home

This is just a quick little gallery of my humble little house in Nairobi. It is in an estate that is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. We (me and my 2 Canadian roommates)

have a lovely housekeeper who works for AKU named Esther, who cleans the house, does dishes, and laundry 6 days a week. I haven’t gotten completely used to that but I think I will enjoy since it is unlikely I will ever have a housekeeper again! We also have a nice swing outside our front door and sometimes get to hear children from the estate playing on it. The administration at the University has been friendly and helpful as well which makes the transition to living in Kenya a little bit easier. I’m definitely looking forward to this 3 month adventure!

Meredith has arrived in Kenya!

This is just a quick update so no one thinks I have abandoned my blog. I arrived in Nairobi on Saturday and I am just getting settled in and exploring the area. I did go to a grocery store today and it was pretty fun. Lots more to come but I need to get my thoughts together first. But I can say that it is pretty different from my life in Canada and Belgium and my time here is going to be a learning experience.