A Shout Out to my friends at Expat Blog

Mount Longonot in the Rift Valley

Since I created “curiousmeredith’ in August of 2011, many of my visitors have been fellow adventurous spirits about to embark on their own adventure in Kenya. I had such a fabulous four months there that I am eager to share all the information and tips that I can. One of the best facilitators of the blogging community in Kenya is Expat Blog, a blogging and travel forum that aims to provide information to ease the huge transition of moving abroad.

I have found that blog forums, such as Expat Blog, are especially useful to find information and links to many useful topics such as running groups, expat nights, or special events. Expat Blog is a platform that was created seven years ago. It now boasts 420,000 members and generates 1.8 millions visitors a month. There are 3 150 members are registered on the Kenya forum alone! This month, I received an email from Julien (the platform creator) letting me know that Expat Blog has created two new features dedicated to jobs and housing to help expats in their search.

The new features are aimed at helping people in their job and accommodation search in Kenya, two essential steps when expatriating.

You can post or discover job opportunities in Kenya, in more than 100 jobs and fields. Follow this link to take a look!

In the housing section, ads are available by kind of accommodation, whether you are looking for or offering an accommodation. Find your new cozy home in Kenya here.

Best of luck to all the future visitors to Kenya! And a hearty thank you to Julien for his dedication to the expat community 🙂


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