Settling in at AKU

Today was a good day for me and I am starting to feel more comfortable here. I’ve begun my internship project, which is promoting the Pediatrics Ward in Aga Khan Hospital. I’m primarily working with 2 Kenyan women who are both highly accomplished and are passionate about their professions; so I am really looking forward to learning about communications and nursing from them. I have considered taking an after-degree in nursing and I think that this project with pediatrics and working with the director (a former critical care nurse) will offer some keen insights before I make any big decisions.

I’m also beginning to get to know more people who are working in the hospital. Last night my fellow intern Jonathan (also from the U of A) took me to a potluck dinner that is hosted for Canadians who are working at AKU. There are so many from Edmonton, its amazing! And there soooo much great Indian food (now I just have to ask the hosts to teach me how to make some decent Indian food). It has definitely been comforting to know that I can safely go to the Sports Club at night or visit friends in nearby apartment buildings without worrying about being mugged by walking through the hospital grounds. I have struggled with having to be at home by 6:30 pm since it is not safe to walk alone at night in Nairobi. However, there is a lot of security around the hospital and they are willing to walk us across the street to our estate at night which makes it a lot safer to be out until 8-9 pm. So now I can enjoy the warm night air of Nairobi!

I took some pictures of the AKUH, so you can get a sense of how developed Kenya is becoming. From reading the newspaper and talking with people, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of changes happening in Kenya. It’s exciting because the population is so young here and there is quite a bit of opportunity for young people in the workplace. It will be interesting to watch Kenya over the next 5-10 years because I think there will be some social and economic reshaping. Hopefully politically as well, because Kenyan government has struggled with corruption for a number of years. I am going try to compile a reading list for those of you who would like to learn more about Kenya because it truly is fascinating.

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2 thoughts on “Settling in at AKU

  1. The photos are very appealing, lovely actually. I am so glad you are feeling more at home and getting to know people, as if there was any doubt you would do that. Hope you have lots more new and awesome discoveries and experiences.

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