My Kenyan Home

This is just a quick little gallery of my humble little house in Nairobi. It is in an estate that is fenced and guarded 24 hours a day. We (me and my 2 Canadian roommates)

have a lovely housekeeper who works for AKU named Esther, who cleans the house, does dishes, and laundry 6 days a week. I haven’t gotten completely used to that but I think I will enjoy since it is unlikely I will ever have a housekeeper again! We also have a nice swing outside our front door and sometimes get to hear children from the estate playing on it. The administration at the University has been friendly and helpful as well which makes the transition to living in Kenya a little bit easier. I’m definitely looking forward to this 3 month adventure!


4 thoughts on “My Kenyan Home

    • Oh Freya, it is so great! I got my laundry back yesterday and it was all pressed, folded, and placed in my closet. Esther must have an amazing memory or a great laundry system because there was no mix-up with my roommates clothes. The kitchen cookware needs a little help but that is my only complaint.

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